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The Gaslamp Quarter is one of San Diego’s most well known neighborhoods. The Gaslamp Condos, Lofts and Homes for sale that make up this Downtown San Diego Neighborhood find themselves located in the center of all the “action”. This 16.5 block district houses more than 100 restaurants and nightclubs, movie theaters, shops, office space, art galleries and lofts. This effervescent district is contained in a dichotomy of historical and current urban developments.

Named for the gas lamps that line the streets, the Gaslamp Quarter hasn’t always worn such a clean suit. In the 1870’s, Alonzo Horton built a wharf at the end of 5th Avenue ensuing a development boom. Original visitors of the 1880’s were gamblers and prostitutes-think Wyatt Earp and Ida Bailey. By founding numerous bars, gambling halls, saloons and brothels they created a name for San Diego’s red light district, the Stingaree. In 1912, this gluttony would come to an end by the voices of reformers at the hands of police. In a raid that year, 138 prostitutes were arrested sparking the demise of the red light district.

Between 1950 and 1970, the Gaslamp District played the same game under a different guise:  a high concentration of pornographic theaters, bookshops and massage parlors. At this time there was an increased interest in preserving downtown’s historic Gaslamp buildings. San Diego’s eye was on preservation, redevelopment, and orderly change. This interest was set into action with the success of Horton Plaza, which opened in 1985, therefore stimulating initial redevelopment activity.

Today, the Gaslamp District is recognized on the National Register of Historical Places with its 94 historically or architecturally significant structures. Continued growth in retail space, hotel accommodations and residential units add to the pulsating vibe of the neighborhood as well as annual events like Mardi Gras, Taste of Gaslamp and ShamROCK (that draw in thousands of visitors).

The Gaslamp District is a unique and historical quarter, filled with a life and energy that is hard to deny.

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